Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Issue - Taiwan's "Finding Nemo" Souvenir Sheets

Taiwan, 2008
Finding Nemo Souvenir Sheet
Let's just face it -- stamp collecting is not very exciting for young children. It has trouble exciting children the way television, video games, the Internet, and other alternatives are able to capture their attention. It is sometimes seen as a dull hobby that is best suited for the older among us.

But ask nearly anyone and they will tell you that at one time or another they used to collect stamps in their youth. True, many times this was a hobby that lasted for a few months or maybe even a year or two, but it seems that almost everyone tried stamp collecting as a child.

Sometimes this initial burst of activity was due to a stamp album they received as a Christmas or birthday gift. The desire to try stamp collecting may have come from a letter from a far-off relative that was franked with a beautiful stamp. Or the thirst to try stamp collecting may have come from watching Grandpa pore over his collecting. Regardless, a small fire was lit that was acted upon. I think it is important that we likewise need to light that small fire in today's children.

One way to do this is to purchase a few stamps for the child in your life, be it either your own, your grandchild, the kid up the street, or someone in your church or at work. Every child likes to receive a gift, and the gift of a unique stamp might go a long way to get them interested in stamps. If nothing else, they will be interested in your generosity and may very well remember it for their entire lifetime.

Taiwan, 2008
Finding Nemo Souvenir Sheet
To find stamps, just look around at the philatelic magazines that you receive. Almost every stamp magazine lists new issues that children would find interesting. What child wouldn't like animal stamps or stamps with Santa Claus? These can probably be found for juts a few dollars and would bring joy to a child's life.

On April 3rd, Taiwan Post issued two souvenir sheets featuring Disney characters from the movie Finding Nemo, a very popular animated movie from 2003. As with most Disney movies, the high-quality of the animation and the comical happenings of the characters keeps a child's attention. The movie won an Acadamy Award (the "Oscar") for Best Animated Film, as well as many other awards.

The souvenir sheets feature a total of 10 stamps, arranged as 5 stamps per sheet. Eight of the stamps are circular and not only have their favorite characters from the movie, but are sure to pique the interest of a child by virtue of not being rectangular.

The souvenir sheets are affordable. With current exchange rates, each sheet costs about $0.85 US.

For further information, contact Taiwan Post

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