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Stamp Issuers - Ajman

Ajman, 1964 (Scott #18)
Sheik and Lanner Falcon
Ajman is an emirate located in the Persian Gulf. In the 1820s Ajman, and several other Persian Gulf sheikdoms, signed a truce with Great Britain in an effort to stem piracy of British Indian ships in the region. This truce and several additional agreements has led to the sheikdoms being classified as Trucial States.

In 1971, Ajman joined five other emirates to form the United Arab Emirates, with a sixth emirate joining soon thereafter. Ajman is the smallest of the emirates, with a total area of 100 sq. miles (260 sq. km).

Very few stamps from Ajman are considered postally valid. There have been many stamps issued for Ajman, but a great number of them had limited, if any, postal use. The Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue only recognizes Ajman stamps from 1964 and 1965 as valid. The remaining Ajman issues, primarily from 1967 through 1972, are excluded as their postal use appears to be questionable.

Ajman, 1964 (Scott #26)
U.S. President, John F. Kennedy
The first Scott-recognized stamps of Ajman were printed in 1964. This series of stamps features the reigning sheik on one half of the stamp and images from the sheikdom on the other. The 18-stamp issue has a catalog value of about $10 (USD) in mint, never hinged condition.

The second series of recognized stamps honors United States' President John F. Kennedy. Issued one year after his assassination, these 8 stamps feature various aspects of President Kennedy's life and political career. These stamps have a catalog of $8 for mint, never hinged stamps.

The 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games were honored in the third set of 10 stamps. The set catalogues in mint, never hinged condition for $6.50.

The last set of Scott-recognized stamps honors the centennial of the Stanley Gibbons stamp catalogue. The 10-stamp set depicts various historical stamps. It currently catalogues for about $4.

These four stamp sets, comprising 44 stamps, are the complete run of regular issue Scott-recognized stamps for Ajman. With a catalog value of about $30 for the entire run, these stamps are very affordable for the collector.

Ajman, 1965 (Scott #36)
Tokyo Olympic Games, Gymnast
In addition to these regular issue stamps, Ajman also issued 9 Air Post stamps and 5 Official stamps, and 4 Air Post Official stamps using the same design as the first set (sheik plus national emblem). The total mint, never hinged catalogue value for these "Back of the Book" stamps is about $15.

The full set of recognized Ajman stamps have a catalog value of about $45 (USD), so these stamps are within anyone's budget.

Be aware that there have been many, many other Ajman stamps that are not recognized by major stamp catalogues. You will probably want to arm yourself with a catalogue before blindly ordering stamps of this country, as you might end up with unrecognized stamps that are not part of your stamp album.

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Jim Cerda said...

I have 6 of the olympic stamps from 1972. They are interesting because they are 3D stamps. The images change as you move them. Don't know if they are worth anything, but they sure are cool to look at.

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