Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Spotlight - Philatelic Mineralogy

Philatelic Mineralogy

Many philatelists love topical collecting. Rather than trying to collect all the stamps of one country or of one era, these collectors collect stamps and covers regarding specific topics. Richard Busch has created a very nice site if you are interested in collecting stamps with minerals, gems, or rocks on them.

Busch started his website, Philatelic Mineralogy, about 10 years ago. While the site hasn't been updated recently, due to some pressing work-related demands, the webmaster hopes to update it soon. He has "many more mineral stamps to scan and upload." What he has already made available will keep you busy for quite a while.

Busch's love of mineralogy started about 45 years ago. It was about a dozen years ago that he branched into collecting mineral stamps.

The site states that the stamps have been scanned in at 150% of their actual size. I did find a few that I suspect might have slipped through the cracks and be closer to actual size. Regardless, all of the stamps on the site are depicted in a large enough size to give you plenty of opportunity to admire the natural beauties imprinted on the stamps.

Scott #106, 107
From the front page, the site is divided into two main indexes ... stamps by country of issue, and stamps by mineral name. The default arrangement is by country, but you can select by mineral if you wish to look for specific topics. Based upon your selection, a list of countries or mineral names appear in the left scrolling sidebar.

I counted almost 70 countries represented and over 130 different minerals by name. Clearly, Busch's love of minerals has transfered to his stamp collecting.

By clicking on a link for a specific country, you are presented with a few facts about the country, its currency and its natural minerals. Below this, the mineral stamps for that country are displayed. When viewing the stamps by mineral name, the layout is similar, but technical information about the mineral is listed instead.

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) link gives quite a bit of information about mineralogy and philately topics, including some research that the author has done on internet topics such as picture quality of stamp images. The site also includes links to other commercial and non-commercial sites relating to minerals.

Whether you collect minerals, gems, or rocks on stamps or not, I encourage you to visit Philatelic Mineralogy at http://mineralstamps.rbnet.net.

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Anonymous said...

Although it is not as comprehensive as Richard Busch's site, I am also publishing my collection of mineral stamps online.
Please check it out, any comment or suggestion welcomed!

Tony Servies said...

Stephane's site is another great site.