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Stamp Issuer - Angra

Angra 1892 (Scott #5)
First series

Angra is an administrative district located in the Azores islands, situated about one-third of the distance between Europe and North America. It served as a key destination for explorers and travelers during the golden age of sailing ships.

Angra, like the Azores themselves, is controlled by Portugal. The main city of the district, Angra do Heroísmo, has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site due to its architectural and cultural heritage.

In this small administrative district, there have been several philatelic changes. Starting in 1868, Portugal stamps overprinted with "AÇORES" ("Azores") were used in Angra. From 1892 through 1905, Portuguese-styled stamps bearing a likeness of King Carlos and labeled "Angra" were available in the area. After this time, and until 1931, the district returned to using overprinted Portuguese stamps for the Azores. From that point on, Portuguese stamps without overprints have been used in Angra.

Angra 1897 (Scott #27)
Second series

In spite of all of the different types of stamps valid in Angra, the Scott catalog lists only the two series of stamps from 1892 through 1905, because these were the only stamps issued with the district's name on them.

Both series of issued stamps bear the likeness of King Carlos of Portugal. The first series, from 1892 to 1893, have the name "Angra" printed as part of the design of the stamp. The second series, from 1897 to 1905, is a more generic stamp used in several of Portugal's postal dominions. These are readily identified by the denomination and issuing entity's name being printed in black.

Of the 34 stamps of Angra, the country is not cheap, but not prohibitively expensive either. The catalog value of used stamps total about $270 (US) which equates to an average catalog value of about $8. Most stamps can be had below this average, but there are 3 stamps (Scott #11-13) that catalog for $45 each.

A complete collection of Angra stamps can be completed without being too costly.

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Anonymous said...

Great information. One comment though, The Portuguese government resumed issuing regional (azores & Madeira)stamps in 1980.

Tony Servies said...

Thanks for the info. Do you know if the regionals are printed for Angra? I don't think they did.