Friday, March 6, 2009

News and Views

Here's a recap of some interesting philately news:

Curious to know why there are so many Chinese stamp collectors? Slate Explainer answers why philately is such a hot hobby in China. Part of the answer lies in the fact that the Chinese government promotes the hobby as a way of spawning national interest.

Sarkozy and The 'Hobby of Kings', on last week's BBS News website, reveals to the general public what most philatelists have known for several years -- namely, that French President Nicolas Sarkozy is a dedicated stamp collector. His wife, Carla Bruni, is reportedly "glad her husband was enjoying a more sedate hobby. He was known to have previously enjoyed karaoke."

The most famous American collector would probably be President Franklyn D. Roosevelt. has a nice article entitled Our Stamp Collecting President. The article briefly references one of FDR's last acts, the creation of the United Nations commemorative postage stamp issued by the U.S. I further detail the story here.

Curious as to the current price for a first class stamp in the U.S.? Visit the minimalist website What better way to find out what those Liberty Bell "Forever Stamps" are going for these days.

Stamp News is reporting that Slovakia is joining the growing list of postal organizations to issue a scented stamp. Slovak Post's 2009 Easter stamp will be enhanced by the scent of narcissus. Looks like I may have to start working on an addendum to my World's Smelliest Postage Stamps article!

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dongsheng said...

It is interesting to read about why stamp collecting is so popular among Chinese. I think, however, the correct way to bring this issue is why it is not so popular in the United States.